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You Need to Talk...Let's Talk!

Updated: May 9, 2020

This is not an Instagram Page...or a is a mix of both.

Hey y'all,

I hope you are doing well! Here, on Talk, I am going to be writing/sharing different things that have been on my heart/mind. You might be asking, "This is a "Blog" so how can we talk back to you? Well...I don't know but it was a catchy name, haha! I will be posting once a week at least and most of the time I will be putting a cute quote maybe with a little devotional. But if you want something with me actually talking then check out my Podcast, Counter Clockwise, there I talk about different topics and I interview people. Talk is a place where I can write and Counter Clockwise is a place where I can talk literally. I hope you stick around and see what happens! Love ya!


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Ansley Hester
Ansley Hester
May 11, 2020

Thank you llhester for always encouraging me daily! Love you!


May 06, 2020

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