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Why? // Spoken Word

Updated: May 9, 2020

This was a project that we had to do in "virtual drama class". We had to write a monologue about how social distancing has affected our lives, but I took a more spiritual turn to this project. Enjoy! (the written portion is below)


Why? This is a question that I have found myself asking. Why? God, why can’t I see my family at Easter? Why can’t we go to DC? Why can’t my brother play baseball? And why do I walk with my neighbors with them on one side of the street and me on the other? Why? You might be asking yourself these same kinda questions. Why is this happening to my generation or why is this happening to my kids? Well...I don't have an answer for me and I don’t have an answer for you either. But over the last few weeks, something has brought me peace...peace through this world wide crazy pandemic...and that peace is...Jesus. Before Jesus, there was nothing...nothing after earth. But when Jesus died He brought a peace that we will have for eternity, if we have humbled ourselves and asked for the Holy Spirit to come into our lives. Then we know the end of the story. So, why do we worry about the middle! The things that are being taken away from us right now is a loss, and loss has to be grieved. Sit down and write down everything that you have lost because of this crisis and grieve it. Cry to your Lord! Everything that we lost needs to be like we have lost a person in our family. Because if you don't grieve these emotions and you just suppress them then you will end up having different and worse emotions in the long run, so let it all out! I don’t know when this is going to be over, it could be four weeks or it could be 40 years, God only knows. But why do I worry, because God does not worry and He is not surprised by all this, He is in control! Yes, we know that He is in control but do we believe it? That is the real question! First, I would tell you to grieve. Then, ask those questions that you have to God and to yourself. Finally, wait because we know that we have to bear the hardship of going up the hill to feel the wind as you go down. Hardships come so that we can know God better, so let’s get to know God. Because we have all the time in the world!

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