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Got Talent? Yes, You Do!

God made us all unique in our own special ways, we just have to look and find our gifts!

A couple weeks ago I got the opportunity to host a Virtual Talent Show with my school. If you have not had the chance to watch it the video is attached to this post! I hope you will get a laugh out of it, haha! But today I want to share with you that you are unique, special, beautiful, and loved. God made each one of us different. We all have different gifts and abilities. God gave us these gifts to express ourselves and to give God the glory. In my last episode of Counter Clockwise (I will link below) we talked about the things that we should and should not do during all this extra time that we have on our hands. I share this to encourage you to go after your dreams and to learn more about your gifts, talents, and abilities. Go this week and make something amazing!


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